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Residential Painting ~ Interior and Exterior
in Missoula, MT and Kalispell, MT

At Painters Express, we understand that your personal residence is one of your biggest investments and that our name is going to be on it. Our reputation is at stake with the final finished product. That's how we have built our company, by always exceeding our customers' expectations and leaving them satisfied and happy.

As with all our painting projects, we provide you with a detailed project production schedule. This will enable you to follow along and feel secure that your project is in very good hands and moving along. As we all know, when you are working out in the elements weather does play a role sometimes in completing a project. You will see first hand that our staff will go above and beyond to stay on schedule and work around these minor delays. We pride ourselves on planning ahead.

At Painters Express we only use top quality paints, such as Sherwin Williams, Glidden, Columbia, and other major brands. We do not use contractor paint brands, as they will not give you a quality long lasting finish. In most cases these contractor grade paints will only last a year or so.

Below you will see a condensed version of what Painters Express provides in both the interior and exterior painting process. Our desire is that this will give you a good idea of what goes into providing you a professional and quality painting experience.

Interior Painting ~ Overview of Project Details

  • Coordinate all project work required prior to painting; i.e., sheetrock repair, cleaning, and minor repairs.
  • Provide a complete job production schedule to customer prior to starting job.
  • Review all colors with client and receive sign off.
  • Clean all surfaces to be painted.
  • Fill all nail holes in walls and sand or texture walls as needed.
  • Remove any fixtures that require removal from area during painting.
  • Mask and cover all areas that will not be painted in area.
  • Spray, roll or hand brush per requirements of project.
  • Clean and remove all masking from unpainted walls, baseboards, moldings, windows and doors.
  • Remove all garbage from working area and clean up area.
  • Leave touch up paint for customer.
  • Review entire project with customer prior to leaving job site.

Exterior Painting ~ Overview of Project Details

  • Coordinate all areas of work to be performed before and during the painting of the house.
  • Provide a complete job production schedule to the customer prior to starting job.
  • Review all colors with client and receive sign off.
  • Pressure wash and clean areas to be painted, and clean out gutters, if requested.
  • Complete repairs to any area that have been identified for repair.
  • Scrape, sand and prime all areas needed with oil base primer (not water based).
  • Hand paint, roll, or spray exterior per requirements for job. Note: We always back roll when we spray. Ask us why!
  • Hand paint or roll trim of house.
  • Remove all masking, drop cloths, and garbage from work area including paint chips from prepping of exterior.
  • Leave touch up paint for customer.
  • Wash off or sweep walkways and driveways upon completion of project.
  • Review entire project with customer prior to leaving job site.

You're sure to have some questions concerning the painting of your home.
Please don't hesitate to give us a call or fill out our request form so we can discuss your needs.

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The Painters Express

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The Painters Express

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24 Hour Turn-Around Service  *  Missoula (406) 544-0562    *    Kalispell (406) 257-8313  *  Licensed and Insured

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